Bertoni Photochromic Sport Sunglasses for Cycling Running Ski Motorcycle MTB Fishing - mod. Omega Polarized Glasses Italy (Mat Black - Photochromic)


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Product Description

FRAME & FITTING: Frame made by Nylon Mesh shatterproof and extralight weight 19 grames - Wraparound design: protects the eyes from wind and bad weather provide enhanced peripheral vision - Size: suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large) COLOR: Available in 2 matt black / glossy black colors with contrasting beautifiers details. On the occasion of Bertoni's thirtieth anniversary in the world of sports eyewear Omega the new born of the house was laser-branded on the arm with the original "B" 90s logo LENS: NEW Sunsensor Photochromic Antifog Lens from cat 0 to 3: Innovative Technology  react consistently to light and UV rays - they darken from category 0 transparent ( indoor foggy days bad weather ) to grey category 3 sun tint ( outdoors high brightness ) this lens adapts itself to changes in light - 100% UV protection. You can wear your tech sunglasses all day don't need to change your lenses according to light conditions. SAFETY: Lenses made in impact resistant Polycarbonate - 100% UV protection. Optically correct lenses: lenses are decentered in order to avoid any optical distorsion. GRIP: Grip at the tip of the arms and nose-pad keeps the sunglasses from slipping.

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